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Koran Leaf, 


12th-14th cent.


Koran leaf in Maghrebi script, written on both sides 

ink on parchment (vellum), five lines each side in sepia ink with diacritics in sepia and vocalization in red and blue green

18 x 23 cm

Andalucia or North Africa (Spain or Morocco, Almoravid/Almohad)

12th-14th century

Condition: four small holes and marginal blemishes, somewhat browned, stained and with creases.

The Maghrebi script is an elegant Arabic book script that was used from the 10th century in the Maghreb and in al-Andalus (Iberian Peninsula).

A leaf from the same Koran was offered at Koller in Zurich on June 1, 2022, Lot 443 (as A MAGHRIBI QUR’AN BIFOLIO), Auction A201AS, Asian Art: Japan, India, South-East Asia.


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