The Jack Daulton Collection
Antique & Ethnographic Art

Robe of a Senufo Shaman



robe of a shaman


red cotton, ornamented with various materials, including: cowrie-shell embroidery, dozens of snake-like knotted wool and cotton danglers (red, white, off-white, navy blue, and black), leather-encased bird skulls (approx. 30), leather-encased amulets (gris-gris) (approx. 44), and leather- bordered mirrors (approx. 8, two of which are cracked)


length (top to bottom), 33.5 inches; width (end of one sleeve to the other), 53 inches


Senufo people

Burkina Faso


20th century


provenance:  collected in Burkina Faso by Jack Daulton


Inv. no. 7