The Jack Daulton Collection
Antique & Ethnographic Art

Cambodian Skirt Cloth (sampot hol)

woman’s skirt cloth or hipwrapper (sampot hol)

silk ikat (silk cloth patterned with resist-dyed weft thread)

37 ¾ x 66 1/8 in.


age unknown; perhaps early 20th century


provenance:  collected in Cambodia by Jack Daulton


Inv. no. 17


This beautiful skirt cloth is a Cambodian sarong or hipwrapper (known as a sampot in Khmer, the Cambodian language), consisting of silk cloth patterned with resist-dyed weft thread, a technique known as ikat in insular Southeast Asia and as hol in Cambodia.


Reference:  Gillian Green.  Traditional Textiles of Cambodia: Cultural Threads and Material Heritage.  Chicago: Buppha Press, 2003