The Jack Daulton Collection
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epigonation vestment of the Eastern Orthodox Church


embroidery on velvet

12 x 12 inches

Istanbul, Turkey

age unknown, perhaps late 19th to early 20th century

provenance:  collected in Turkey by Jack Daulton

Inv. no. 49


In the Eastern Orthodox Church, an epigonation is part of the vestment, or ecclesiastical dress, worn by a member of the clergy during the Divine Liturgy or other service.  An epigonation is a stiff diamond-shaped cloth that hangs on the right side of the body; it is suspended by one corner from a strap drawn over the left shoulder.  An epigonation is worn by all bishops and abbots (archimandrites) and as an award by priests.  It symbolizes the weapon of the Holy Word or the sword of Christ (the spiritual sword of justice) and his triumph over death.  The example here is distinguished by an image of St. John the Baptist in metallic thread embroidery.

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