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 Scene with Shaman, 

acrylic on sheep skin, 

Tigua, Ecuador, c. 2001


Hugo Licta (Ecuador, 20th-21st century)

Scene with Shaman (Curandero) Performing Purification (La Limpia) or Healing Ritual

acrylic on sheep skin; wooden stretcher; unframed 

circa 2001

Tigua, Ecuador

dimensions: 24 x 29.7 cm

signed: "Hugo Licta"

acquired in Ecuador by Jack Daulton in 2001

The Cotopaxi volcano is depicted in the background.  On the upper left, a man venerates the mountain; to the right of the mountain, the mountain spirit is shown.


detail showing shaman (curandero) performing purification or healing ritual:
another detail:
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