The Jack Daulton Collection
Antique & Ethnographic Art
Antique Persian Qalamkar Prayer Hanging with Inscription

Persian qalamkar (block-printed and hand-painted) textile


pigment on cotton


length 31 7/8 x width 30 in.


Esfahan, Iran


late 19th century, Qajar Period


This example features a cartouche containing an inscription.


provenance:  collected in Iran by Jack Daulton


Inv. no. 2


Qalamkar (sometimes kalimkari or kalamkari), literally “pen-workmanship,” are block-printed and hand-painted cotton textiles that are used for wall-hangings, bed-coverings, table-coverings, and other functions.  The city of Esfahan is, and has been for centuries, the center of production of such textiles in Iran (Persia).


This example features a central field in the form of a prayer niche (mihrab), as well as a cartouche containing an inscription.


Condition: good condition aside from several light stains (probably removable with cleaning).