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Dong Son Culture, Vietnam

bronze, 100 BCE-100 CE


bucket or urn (situla) (Vietnamese, thap)


height 21.5 cm, diameter 23.2 cm

Dong Son Culture, bronze age Southeast Asia

100 BCE - 100 CE

Provenance: acquired by the present owner, Jack Daulton, in Vietnam

Condition: approximately ten tiny holes, probably from corrosion during burial as a grave good


Bronze vessels of this type are among the grave goods commonly found in Dong Son burials.

The surface features, among other motifs, the "circle-tangent" motif that is typical of Dong Son ornamentation.


another view:
another view:
detail showing handle:
view of interior of bucket:
detail showing circle-tangent motif, common in Dong Son ornamentation:
detail showing one small hole:
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