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Islamic magic bowl, 

pewter, 18th cent. or earlier

Islamic magic bowl

pewter (tin alloy); interior engraved extensively with inscriptions in Arabic, presumably Koranic passages relating to protection

diameter 13,3 cm

Ottoman, Turkey

probably 18th century or earlier; the bowl shows evidence of long use, including cracks along the rim and an old large repair 

"The dream of having a healthy child or the wish to ward off misfortune has led many Muslims throughout history to use objects that are credited with baraka (a special auspicious power).  Both magical and healing powers are attributed to this kind of bowl.  When the bowl is filled with water and left overnight, the water is believed to absorb healing power from its magical signs and have a healing effect when it is drunk."  The David Collection of Islamic art museum, Copenhagen, Inv. no. 36/1995),


another view:
detail showing some of the inscriptions:
another view, showing the bottom of the bowl:
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